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Gilgal Voice provide high quality termination for international voice traffic. We are interconnected with the world’s most reliable data and voice operators, providing cost efficient solutions to our partners.We encourage smaller voice players to part with us to meet their wholesale voice traffic needs. Whole sale A to Z termination We offer A-Z wholesale termination through our expansive global network. Network operators can benefit from the numerous operational and financial efficiencies enabled by IP connectivity for terminating voice traffic.

Our vision is to make an identity in international VoIP industry by developing direct routes to high traffic market. Gilgal Voice strives to provide its clients with best in class VoIP service at competitive prices . Gilgal interconnections with direct carriers makes us to stick on to our mission that is "to deliver quality at its best " . we are with the sole objective to run our business in VoIP traffic transition and peering service.

GILGAL VOICE gets interconnect with some of partners, we get stable and competitive routes, together with best terms and conditions from them. It is strong backbone for VOIP to develop wholesales business.


Without no large amount of investment, GILGAL VOICE has aggressive discount and comprehensive support for you through our plant form. You can sell the private voip service under your own name.


Premium Voice is a Quality focused product from voip which provides you with the highest quality voice termination via VoIP/TDM direct routes and selected suppliers,with a higher Answer

VoIP Call Termination

VoIP call termination is providing a path or route through which voice can be transmitted or sent over Internet.

VoIP Call Termination Overview
VoIP call termination routes a telephone call from one provider to another using voice over Internet Protocol, or the IP network to transmit the voice packets.

VoIP Call Termination – A Closer Look
VoIP call termination transfers voice packets over the Internet Protocol network, rather than the tradition public switched telephone network. This allows for much more cost-efficient long-distance phone calls, and is frequently used by businesses with an international customer base or international office locations.
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